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Silvertrade’s mission is to facilitate the development of its clients’ (export) business in the Middle East. Silvertrade sets up specific actionable goals in response to the precise objectives, requirements, and expectations presented by our clients in the form of mandates.

Silvertrade introduces its clients to local partners interested in:

  • Project participation
  • Business development
  • Project financing

The target countries in which Silvertrade carries out its business are all solvent markets with high levels of purchasing power. Silvertrade has a privileged and secure relationship network. Centralised decision making represents a significant value-add.

Our initial intervention consists of involving our local partner and associating it with our client’s project. Thanks to its knowledge of the market, our partner has the expertise and the necessary contacts to assess the project submitted.

Once the project has been confirmed, Silvertrade submits a contract (mission order) and an invoice to its client. Once the contract has been signed and the fees settled, Silvertrade switches into action mode.

Silvertrade provides a top of the range service to its clients from the beginning of the mission to its finalisation. A specific meetings schedule is drawn up to meet client requirements. The client is advised throughout the mission and accompanied during visits. Thanks to Silvertrade logistics in place for each target country, we enable our clients to reach their goals under the best conditions possible and within a business perimeter which is completely secure.