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Our mission is to provide sophisticated, critical, strategic and operational assistance and services in the following areas across industries that have global reach.  Our services include:

  1. Commercial Assistance (for export)
  2. Financial Assistance (research of an investor)
  3. Industrial Assistance (organized through a JV or for a turnkey project)

The joint ventures and strategic relationships are constructed and managed by Silvertrade professional who research, plan, and execute joint ventures to add value for both parties.

Silvertrade manages client organization process and coordinates the mission in its entirety, from the planning stage to project’s finalization.

Silvertrade manages the relation with the client organization, the local partner and the local decision-makers in order to secure all the parties.

1) Planning Process, Project Management and Mission Execution

During the planning process, Silvertrade identifies and involves the local partners in order to ensure that the most capable resources are in place so that the mission is achieved. Our prospect supplies us with an ideal amount of information on the companies involved, their products as well as their services.

Silvertrade confirms with his partner the performance of the project. If the mission unlikely to perform we stop the discussions associated the prospect.

At the request of the prospect, a contract of confidentiality can be executed by Silvertrade.

2) Calculation of the mission

When Silvertrade and its partners are convinced of the performance of the project, a strategic proposal and a budget are proposed.

Silvertrade is traditionally compensated by three levels of remunerations; fees, travel expenses and success fees on the realized sales.

When the strategy and the budget are accepted, we submit a contract proposal.

3) Execution Phase

Once the joint venture is signed, Silvertrade moves into execution mode and activates its network, involving local partners and international contacts.

A timetable for the project is proposed to include meetings and collaborations with key players.

Usually planning with the client lasts 2 to 4 days.

4) On going Management and Monitoring

Silvertrade organizes its clients process from A to Z, to include obtaining necessary approvals (if necessary), organizing client logistics for its clients’ participation in ongoing management and operations.

First a meeting is organized with local partners to review and prepare the key collaboration and scheduled meetings during the clients.

Silvertrade’s team accompanies the clients to all key functions and meetings as well as provides an after action review with clients, customers and partners allowing ongoing adjustments to the process.  This enables clients to take advantage of incremental opportunities.

5) Mission Follow-up

Silvertrade based on the target country will manage partners, follow up with the client and ensure commitments are respected.

A monthly report is sent to our customer.