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Situated on a small peninsula and surrounded by Saudi Arabia to the South and the Persian Gulf to the North, Qatar is an emirate in the Middle East with a land area of 11,427 km². The capital of Qatar is Doha, the official language Arabic. However, the second language widely spoken is English.

Qatar is currently considered as an economic miracle, for the country has the highest GDP per inhabitant in the world, becoming for that reason a privileged destination for international companies for their business development.

Population: 1.4 Millions
GDP : 98 (MDS $)
Economic growth: 8.6 %
Inflation: 1 %
Imports: 70 (MDS $)
Balance of trade: 15 (MDS $)

Qatar has the third largest reserves of gas in the world, is widely known as a significant oil producer and a member of OPEC. It is also one of the countries in the region with the freest markets. The royal Al Thani family continues to hold sole power, following the declaration of independence of the country in 1971. The Emir, who is the Head of State, manages the country with the help of the Al Thani family. However, from the political point of view, Qatar has been evolving from a traditional society towards a modern state, open to considerations of the welfare of its citizens, since the 1990s. Our relationship with this country dates from twelve years ago, our local partners supporting our clients’ projects, whether in Qatar itself or in neighbouring countries.


Silvertrade researches and checks project feasibility with its local partners and puts in place specific missions, following point by point the specific mandates given by our clients as well as their specified goals.


Qatar has been able to exert influence as a model and a reference point in the Middle East and internationally, thanks to a unique democracy whose symbol is the TV channel Al Jazeera.

Qatar invests massively in real estate in Europe but also by purchasing shares in international companies: Porsche, Crédit Suisse, Harrods, Cégélec, Veolia, Vinci construction, etc. Qatar is thus positioning itself as a key investor on the international stage.

As a partner with MPR, the organiser of the Financial Forum in Qatar, Silvertrade acts on behalf of Qatari private and institutional investors.

In December 2010, Qatar was selected by FIFA as the home of the 2022 World Cup. This event represents a genuine opportunity for European companies to apply their expertise and to develop their business in the country.